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Fred J. Dery & Associates, P.C. Services

As accountants for the bankruptcy trustee, our objective is to identify unlisted assets and provide the litigation support to bring those assets into the trustee’s estate. Fred can help you with the following:

  • Assist in asset tracing, including identification of off shore bank accounts and transfers.
  • Perform preference audits and provide litigation support as necessary to recover preferences for the estate
  • Perform fraudulent transfer analysis and provide litigation support as necessary to recover fraudulent transfers for the estate
  • Perform environmental clean-up cost analysis and make recommendations to reduce cost by changing work plan or changing technology
  • Preparation of financial statements in compliance with the United States Trustee guidelines
  • Review/Audit debtor’s schedules and underlying documents to find and identify undisclosed or unlisted assets. Check data bases to identify assets not included in debtor’s schedules. Assist trustee and attorney in collection of these assets for the bankruptcy estate
  • Perform net worth analysis during period of time prior to filing bankruptcy to determine if there is any change in debtor’s assets. If necessary assist trustee and attorney for trustee to collect these assets for the estate
  • Review and analyze claims and where necessary take appropriate steps to resolve claims
  • Inventory and obtain valuation of coin collections, precious metals, jewelry, card collections, gun collections and antique collections. Assist trustee and trustee attorney in collection assets for the estate.
  • Inventory rare paintings and obtain opinion of value from recognized authorities in the field.
  • Interview auctioneers and review their auction proposals and make a recommendation to the trustee as to which auctioneer will be best suited to sell the assets in a particular case
  • Maintain and reconstruct the records necessary to collect debtor’s accounts receivables. Prepare billing and invoices for any unbilled inventory at date of business shutdown